More than any dental specialty, orthodontics requires a team effort from everyone involved-parents, patient, orthodontist, and staff. Many orthodontic problems are quite complex, involving the growth patterns of the face as well as misaligned teeth. Orthodontists have undergone 2-3 additional years of university-based postdoctoral residency training in order to learn the special skills required to manage the complexities of orthodontic treatment. Our practice uses the most advanced techniques available today, selecting the most effective methods and material for correcting individual problems.

Every aspect of our practice has been specially designed with the commitment to winning smiles in mind. From the first moment you walk inside our doors, we want you to feel comfortable and a part of our team. Dr. Masri and his staff are always available to answer questions and discuss concerns. Dr. Masri and his staff are committed to ensuring our patients achieve the goal of a winning smile, and encourage the patient to share in the responsibility for his/her treatment by adhering to the rules of self-care required for successful orthodontics. Our patients appreciate our commitment to them, and it's reflected in the commitment they make to themselves and their treatment. They understand how hard we try and that being a part of Team Masri involves dedication to teamwork, responsibility, self-confidence, and a positive attitude, which improves the results of treatment and gives them that winning smile.

Dr. Masri's practice is among the nation's most advanced and comprehensive centers for orthodontic care. Throughout treatment, the patient receives the benefit of the finest materials available in orthodontics today. These include Fixed/Functional/Splint Orthodontics.
An in-house laboratory assures prompt and accurate construction and adjustment of orthodontic appliances. Dr. Masri is responsible for the placement, alignment and care of the braces worn by his patients.

The office also provides 24-hour a day emergency care, should you need it.